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Women Inspiring Women

I come across so many strong and empowering women in my line of work. I feel these women - whose personalities are infectious and whose stories inspire - need to be given a chance to have their voices heard, to share their strengths and their troubles - both in everyday life and in their career- in an open, judgement free environment that is fun and casual and gives them the chance to inspire and to be inspired by others who share common interests and face similar obstacles in their day to day. 


Women Inspiring Women is designed to be just that - to bring these amazing women together so that we can all support one another in an atmosphere that feels comfortable, honest and natural. I hope that we can bounce ideas off each other, discuss commonalities - such as the trials of being a working mum, give advice and share our insights on what has and hasn’t worked for each of us in business and in life. 

I encourage women to come here to tell stories of their experiences - their wins and losses - as a means of helping others to have a fresh outlook on work/life and make better decisions themselves. There is therapy in sharing your thoughts and great satisfaction and a humble sense of fulfilment in helping others. 

WIW is all about being the support network that facilitates these conversations, to encourage each other and give us an opportunity to give, what may be the smallest, most simple little tip that could help another person tremendously. 



  • CONNECT - connect women who are striving for excellence in a warm and caring environment

  • SUPPORT - to provide support and advice to each other as we move through our own journey

  • INSPIRE - to create and maintain a positive environment that encourages women to grow and achieve 

  • EDUCATE - to provide the members with opportunities to learn on topics related to business and personal growth



Our goal is to bring together incredible women in a positive and supportive way so that each person in the group can grow. It is not aimed at just entrepreneurs but any female who is working hard to be a better business woman, mother, or person as a whole.


The environment will feel like a group of friends getting together for a catch up. Discussions will be kept positive and inspiring both in person and online.


Some interactions of the group will be informal such as a casual long lunch, others will be more formal taking shape as an educational workshop or Q&A session with an expert.


WIW will provide a space for women to inspire other women.



  • Inclusive

  • Positive

  • Collaborative

  • Friendly

  • Informative



  • A members only section on this website for members to access resources

  • A Facebook group in which topics can be discussed in a friendly, positive and safe environment. All events will also be posted within this group and on an associated page. The group is private and for members only, the page is public to promote the events and who we are.

  • Expert talks online via live streaming


We will be gathering for many types of in person events. Some formal and others less formal. Here are some examples of what you can expect throughout a one year membership:

  • Long Lunch

  • Progressive dinner

  • In person expert talks and Q&A

  • Winery tours

  • Weekend Retreats