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Our fees

- The fees in respect of services provided will be agreed and specified under separate cover.

- A deposit of 25% will be paid upon signing the contract. Full payment shall be made 30 days prior to your wedding/event date.


When the contract starts

- The contract starts when you have agreed to use our services and given written go ahead by which you agree to keep these conditions.

- If at any time a supplier we have engaged is not able to provide the product / service as originally quoted, we will endeavour to find a replacement of similar value /quality.

- Any creative ideas, event planning documents, databases, theming plans or styling concepts designed for this project are owned by Sassaffair Events and remain the copyright of Sassaffair Events and can not be reproduced or adapted for future projects without prior permission. These documents are commercial in confidence and can not be shown to a competitor or alternative supplier without permission by Sassaffair Events.

- Accordingly, should the recipient of this proposal not proceed with engaging Sassaffair Events, this proposal and the creative concepts contained within in can not be used, reproduced or adapted without prior permission by Sassaffair Events and the settlement of payment for use of this Intellectual Property.


Your Responsibilities

- In providing our services, any reasonable instruction given to you by our suppliers or us must be followed. In the event that you or your guests fail to follow our reasonable instructions, resulting in loss or damage, you will be liable for said loss or damage.

- For each preferred supplier, we will advise you in respect of their terms and conditions and payment schedule. Sassaffair Events is unable to make advance payments to suppliers on your behalf. You must ensure we have received cleared payment in time for us to meet suppliers’ payment schedules. We cannot be held liable if you fail to clear the necessary funds in time to meet these obligations and the supplier then withdraws their service. Sassaffair Events will not be held liable for any outstanding payments to suppliers on your behalf. All external suppliers used will be the client’s responsibility. The client remains the financial underwriter for this event and will be responsible for all amounts due to all suppliers.

- A suitable meal is required for all Sassaffair Event staff if they are present at meal time


Limits of our liability:

- Sassaffair Events does not accept any liability for non completion of an event or for any delays arising as a result of strikes, riots or lockouts, adverse weather conditions, loss, damage or cancellation due to fire, flood or any other cause beyond its control

  • The liability of Sassaffair Events in respect of any breach of the Contract, including any applied terms shall not extend to any consequential loss whatsoever suffered by the client or their guests

  • Sassaffair Events do not take any liability for any services that are not provided as a result of a third party’s failure 



- We have public liability insurance up to the sum of $10 Million AUD


Ending this contract:

- We may end this contract if: You break its terms; or you become bankrupt/enter into a voluntary agreement with creditor/a receiver is appointed. Under these circumstances it will end immediately and we will recover costs.

 - In the case that you need to cancel the wedding/event an amount will be kept by Sassaffair Events to cover costs incurred and work completed to date, as set out below:

* Forfeiture of deposit if the event is cancelled after agreeing to these terms and conditions by accepting the quote and paying the deposit.

* 50% of the total fee payable if the event is cancelled within 90 days of signing this contract

* 75% of the total fee payable if the event is cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled event

 All fees are due and payable 14 days after cancellation

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